Snow Wolf Shovel Helps Remove Snow While Reducing Lower Back Stress

Snow Wolf Shovel Helps Remove Snow While Reducing Lower Back Stress

Give a Snow Wolf Shovel to cold climate dwellers and warm their hearts!

The winter season can be cold and brutal. If it’s your job to make sure that the sidewalks and driveway are clear of snow, the Snow Wolf Shovel helps make the job easier for you.

Shoveling is tough on people’s lower back. If you know someone who suffers from back pain, this gift is ideal!

Snow shoveling is easy using this unique product.

Price Range

$120.00 – $180.00

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Who are The Perfect Recipients For This Gift?

The Snow Wolf Shovel Helps Humans Battle Nature

The Snow Wolf Shovel Helps Humans Battle Nature

The Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel is ideal for anyone that has to remove snow to access their driveway or their sidewalk. This snow shovel is designed to be ergonomically correct.  It reduces stress on the lower back as well as lowering the amount of cardio exertion required to remove wet, heavy snow.

Additionally, it clears snow three times faster than traditional shoveling and reduces the risk of injury while performing the job.

Anyone who has had health problems benefits from a gift of the Snow Wolf Shovel.

Pros of the Snow Wolf Shovel:

The Snow Wolf Shovel makes removing snow easier, even if there are large amounts of it. The ergonomic, wheeled design makes snow removal safer for the person using it.

Storing the Snow Wolf Wheeled Snow Shovel is easy, too. It folds down so that it can be hung on a wall or tucked away in a corner without taking up much space.

Since the Snow Wolf Shovel operates manually, you don’t have to spend money on expensive fuel to run it or worry about inhaling exhaust fumes that come from running a traditional style snow blower.


The Snow Wolf Shovel requires assembly. Some people reported that it was very easy to assemble, while others struggled with putting it together. Some users recommended putting together the shovel as soon as you can because you want to have it ready to go when that winter storm hits your area.

People who prefer machines doing the work may object.

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The price is higher than traditional shovels. If you don’t think the person you want to give it to will use it, find something cheaper. Most individuals who convert to a Snow Wolf Shovel don’t go back to the old ways, though.

Overall Review

Overall, the Snow Wolf Snow Shovel is a safer and eco-friendly way to remove snow from your walks and drives.

If you live in the Snow Belt or anywhere that gets a significant amount of snowfall in the winter season, you’ll be happy to have this snow removal tool in your shed or garage. If you already own a snow blower, this is a way to let ‘extra hands’ help you remove snow from your foot traffic areas.

So many people use snow blowers, but a useful shovel like this is superior. The shovel makes no noise and has zero fuel costs. Not only that, the unit is easy enough to use that even people with heart problems do it.

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Toro 51609 Eliminates Leaves Quickly

Toro 51609 Eliminates Leaves Quickly

The Toro 51609 Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac is one more thing to love about the autumn.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love the fall colors, the cooler days and the longer nights. One thing I don’t care for too much is cleaning up the leaves from the three large maple trees on my property. It seems as if the leaves fall and blow around forever! I’m sure that my neighbor would agree. If you know somebody, who has a lawn that’s run over by way too man leaves, consider giving them the Toro 51609 as a gift.

The Toro 51609 Solves a Major Problem

Price Range:




The Toro 51609 Leaf Vacuum Is Easy to Carry

The Toro 51609 Leaf Vacuum Is Easy to Carry

Who The Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum Is For

The Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum is for anyone that doesn’t have seven kids or the time and energy to rake their yard in the windy months of September and October when leaves are falling. There’s no reason to underestimate what a huge job picking up all the leaves can be, especially if you have a large yard. The Toro 51609 is lightweight, making it easy to carry. You won’t have any problems getting to every last leaf around your yard.

Give the Toro Leaf Blower to Friends and Relatives

This item is a beautiful gift for anyone who you want to encourage to put some work into their outdoor area.

The price point is affordable, meaning you can give the Ultra as a gift to most people.

Notable Features Of The Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Since this operates using electricity, you won’t get ‘fogged‘ out with gas fumes, making it better for the environment. Not only this blower good for the environment, but it’s also quiet and has air speeds of up to 235 miles per hour – much higher than even the strongest Nor’Easter!

With the ability to choose a variety of speeds between 112 and 235 MPH, so you always have the right velocity for the job.

The Toro 51609 Ultra can be used to either blow leaves in a pile or used as a vacuum and shredded. If you want to create a big leaf pile for the kids or curbside leaf removal, use the blower feature.  The vacuum feature used with the metal impeller allows you to shred the leaves into mulch. An included vac bag makes leaf collection and disposal easy.


Another great benefit of the Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum is that weighs just 7.5 pounds, so when you’re working with it – and afterward – your back doesn’t kill you. Always a great benefit! Depending on the workload, this can relieve a lot of undue stress. Cleaning up yards is hard enough work already, there’s no good reason to make it even more difficult.

My Thoughts

The price for the Ultra is right; it comes with a full two-year warranty, and it makes keeping your lawn neat and tidy in the autumn a breeze – no pun intended! I would say that if these concerns are important to you, the Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum is the tool for you, hands down.

Hammock Tree Straps Are Perfect for Those Who Love Relaxing

Hammock Tree Straps Are Perfect for Those Who Love Relaxing

If you know someone who loves nothing more than relaxing on a warm day, hammock tree straps are the way to go.

Not all hammock tree straps are created equal. This particular version, available on Amazon, is highly-rated for safety and security. Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than trying to relax and winding up unceremoniously dumped on the ground due to faulty straps! That simply won’t do, especially as a gift to someone you love or are trying to impress.

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps Are Fantastic for Hikers and CampersWhat type of person is perfect to receive this gift?

Your ideal gift recipient is anyone who places an emphasis on relaxation. Further, Rallt Hammock Straps are fantastic for hikers, campers, and anyone else who has to spend some time outdoors and needs an efficient way to get some peaceful sleep. For most people, sleeping on the hard ground is simply out of the question and way out of their comfort zones! Being able to elevate themselves using an original gift will make their spirits soar!


This gift is extremely affordable, coming in at less than $25. The lucky recipient will use the gift quite a bit, forcing them to think positive thoughts about you every time they do! Hammocks are incredibly relaxing, which is the polar opposite of sleeping on the dirty ground! Gently swaying in the warm breeze helps a person forget all about their problems so that they’re free to let themselves go.


There are no real cons, as long as you give this gift to someone who spends time outdoors. Those who work in offices and dwell in residential units only won’t care for this Insanely Awesome Gift Idea. Instead, they’ll have no use for it!

Price: $21.99

Beautiful weather, the great outdoors, and relaxation go together like pork and beans! Make someone’s life complete by giving them a set of Rallt Hammock Straps.

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GoPro HERO4 Silver Is the Perfect Gift for the Adventurous

GoPro HERO4 Silver Is the Perfect Gift for the Adventurous

Easily Capture Memories of AdventuresPeople with adventurous spirits do some pretty spectacular things. Not only do they perform amazing feats, but with the right technology, they’re able to capture the moment to inspire others. How about a gift idea that allows them to accomplish this inspirational goal effortlessly whenever they wish?

The GoPro series of cameras targets the broad market of outdoor lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts. If you know someone who lives for action, the GoPro HERO4 Silver is a fantastic gift idea. People who want to take wide-angle action shots from unusual locations will love this camera



Who is the perfect recipient of this gift?

YouTube stars who impress their following with daring antics. Those who are “seeing the world” in exotic locales on once-in-a-lifetime trips. Extreme sports enthusiasts who want to record their stunts for posterity. If you know someone who’s heading out to a cool place, this camera is a natural gift idea. GoPro cameras allow people to film using a range of motion that ordinary cameras just do not possess. A camera that takes crisp videos is a perfect gift idea because it helps preserve incredible memories of happy times.


This unique camera catches actions and commemorates the event forever. For anyone who’s performing dangerous stunts or any “one of a kind” event, this camera helps them record every exciting moment. Professional grade video uploads quickly to social networks for universal approval. The picture is crisp enough to “go viral.” The GoPro HERO4 Silver is easy to use, so there won’t be a problem with a steep learning curve.


Due to the high cost, you won’t be giving the GoPro HERO4 Silver to everyone. You will likely reserve this particular gift for special occasions like graduations or weddings.

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Surprise Them with a Magnelex Magnetic Handyman Wristband

Surprise Them with a Magnelex Magnetic Handyman Wristband

If you or someone you love is a Handyman that can’t stay off ladders, or away from Power Tools, the Magnelex Magnetic Wristband is a ‘must have’ for working more efficiently. This Wristband uses heavy-duty magnets, so it’s an ideal way to keep track of small building materials like nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Magnelex Magnetic Wristband

One of the last things anyone wants to do when they’re doing work on a ladder is fumble around to find these small, but crucial small parts. It empowers the individual using it to work hands-free. It is an essential time saver for people who do carpentry, woodworking, construction work, home improvement projects, and even auto repairs!

With a lightweight design, this Wristband is adjustable, ergonomically correct and one size fits most people. It features nine (9) strong magnets to maximize the number of small parts it holds.

Who Is This For? 

The Magnelex Wristband is a great gift for anyone who enjoys doing projects that involve using small metal building materials. Instead of fumbling around searching for the nails, screws or other small parts, it allows you to keep everything that’s needed to complete the project. It’s perfect as a housewarming gift, Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, as a birthday present, or given ‘just because.’

Construction Companies and Project Managers will also find that equipping their construction crews with these handy Magnetic Wristbands increases efficiency in finishing jobs, makes working on ladders and other tight spaces easier and safer.

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Gift Idea – Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad For Campers

Gift Idea – Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad For Campers

Klymit Static v Lightweight Sleeping Pad Is a Great Gift for CampersOne of the biggest concerns for anyone who’s about to go camping is where they’ll sleep. It’s no fun trying to rest for the night on the hard ground found outdoors.

This debate is no longer worth having, thanks to the Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad. This unit is durable, lightweight, and easy to bring along, no matter what your destination. You’ll be able to get a great night’s sleep without the usual hassle.

Despite the features offered by the Static V, it makes a great gift because it’s under $60. For a close loved one who camps often, or even for a dear friend that only goes once in awhile, this unique item makes a perfect gift.

It’s easy to carry and pack, so there’s no need to be super-muscular to enjoy the benefits. The Static V has a valve that allows you to inflate quickly and deflate it as needed.

Who is the perfect recipient of this gift?

Campers, even those who are not diehards! The Static V makes the life of a camper much easier, telling them that you were looking out for their best interests when you purchased this sleeping pad as a gift for them.

It’s a huge deal to have to sleep outside, especially if you’re a softy city slicker. If you know someone who’s heading out into the wild, ease their minds with this gift! They’ll sleep easy no matter where they find themselves.

Pros of the Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

This sleeping pad is easy to inflate when you get there and deflate when you depart the campsite. For most people, they want to get in and out as soon as possible, so having this ability is great. The Static V is also light enough for most people to carry without any issues. That’s a big concern, especially when the campers have a long way to hike before setting camp.


This sleeping pad is not the most inexpensive one around. Only you can decide if you want to spend this amount on a gift.

Price: $54.94

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