Have Fun Designing Your Exterior Living Space

Have Fun Designing Your Exterior Living Space

Decorating an exterior space comes with its set of challenges, but is incredibly rewarding since spending time outdoors is always a favorite pastime for relaxation and parties. It’s no fun being cooped up inside. That’s why designating an exterior setting for your recreational purposes has always added value to any home. Creating outdoor spaces is a pretty simple task because many of the rules that apply to confined interiors do not apply to the great outdoors. Not only that, natural sunlight and moonlight adds dramatic flair to your setting, and a gentle breeze makes for an incredible experience.

Outfit Your Deck or Patio for Great Times

Patios and Decks Are Fabulous Outdoor Space Enhancers
Patios and Decks Are Fabulous Outdoor Space Enhancers

Decks and patios have long been top choices for outdoor additions. They are perfect places for serving food and holding informal gatherings. Decorating is straightforward and involves seating arrangements and a bit of stylish flash. It’s simple enough to change every aspect of your current deck or patio. You may even decide to stain your deck to match your colors more closely. Don’t forget about the role that lighting plays in creating a vibrant space. Lanterns using styles such as paper, glass or hurricane are always an option. Candles are affordable and change the vibe, especially for nighttime get-togethers. You may want to try tiny tea lights in clusters or go for the large pillar ones that grab attention. By using your creativity with lighting and outdoor features such as a calming waterfall, you can be sure that you, your family and your guests will experience a higher level of enjoyment when you decide to bring the celebration outdoors!

Light and Heating Options Matter

Solar lighting is a newer option that works well for lighting up your steps and entryways. They also make great conversation starters that show your commitment to the environment. If the weather is turning cold, a chimenea can save the day. These are small fireplaces for the outdoors that give off heat and light! Warm your nights up and watch your parties go on until all hours. There are lighting and heating options available for every budget, so it’s a simple matter of how you’re willing to spend and what you’re trying to accomplish that decides on how much you spend and what you get. In recent times, many homeowners and business managers have found heat towers to be a smart addition to their outdoor decks and patio areas because they are safe, effective, and output enough heat to keep everyone who is outside more comfortable. Alternatively, you might choose to invest in a gas fire pit as a way to provide heat and a focal point on your patio or deck. Gas fire pits are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and come with controls that allow owners to choose the setting that best fits their usage needs. Both fire pits and heating towers are eco-friendly solutions to providing heat and ambiance in outdoor settings. The added advantage is that these devices do not use firewood, so no trees have to be destroyed to use them. Since they use a contained area and power switch to turn on and off, you don’t have to worry about embers escaping from the unit and potentially starting a fire at your home.

Updating Your Patio Furniture Allows Your Creative Juices to Flow

Entertain Your Guests Outdoors
Entertain Your Guests Outdoors

Patio furniture takes a beating because of the wear and tear of the elements. That’s why new cushions and a paint job should be two of the first tasks on your to-do list. Not only will a fresh coat brighten up your furniture, but you’re also in a position to use whatever hues you think will add the most to your concept. Colorful Wicker seat cushions are affordable and upgrade your area almost instantly. Wicker designs go with just about everything. A loveseat opens up several possibilities for your space. If romance is one of your goals, intimating seating like this is bound to help. Complement the piece with warm, engaging colors and your new love will bloom before your eyes.

Build a Playroom for Kids

A common modern complaint is that children just do not spend enough of their time outside playing. That’s why creating an outdoor playroom makes complete sense. Parents are bound to love it because they won’t have to clean up sticky fingerprints or other messes left behind by overly exuberant children! Fresh air and sunlight improve your kid’s moods, so getting at least a bit closer to nature is never a bad idea. It doesn’t cost much to create such a playroom. Bean bag chairs that are weatherproof are a great starting point. Toy boxes that can stand up the elements are another requirement. You’ll want the kids to be able to clean up quickly after they play.

If you want to exploit the joys of nature, consider access to a telescope and binoculars for checking out the local flora, fauna, and the stars in the sky! That will keep even the most energetic kids going strong. Add a magnifying glass and even the annoying bugs that already live there can be a source of entertainment! You’ll also want furniture that’s sized correctly for kids and tables that are low-slung enough for them to create crafts and arts of their making. Children need active playtime to make the most out of their imaginations. Creating a fabulous playroom outdoors for them is a gift that will keep them excited for quite some time.

Adults Need Fun Too

Outdoor settings are also ideal for adult playtime, too. Events that center around drinking and eating play well on a warm night in an open space. Soft lighting and an impressive grill combine with your patio furniture to offer a wining and dining experience that’s second to none. Even leading restaurants experience a huge boon when they open up their outside decks, so it’s not surprising that your social life will also blossom with a gathering area that is beautiful and functional. Impromptu soirees in the daytime or evening can become part of your regular itinerary.

Beautifying your patio will not break the bank. The key element to consider is the use of color. Standard patios often are monotonous, primarily because of the overuse of a mono-color. There’s nothing to break up the design, so visual boredom quickly sets in. The fastest way to stop this from happening is to integrate bright colors, especially for your accents. Painting your patio furniture and replacing the seat cushions with new ones will change the look and feel of your patio in record time.

Outdoor Dining Areas Are Elegant

Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Dining Area
Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Dining Area

For dramatic effect, you’ll want to include elements that match the surroundings closely. Outdoor rooms should integrate nature as much as possible. Outdoor dining rooms should make use of trees for shade since nobody wants to eat in bright daylight. Shrubs and bushes add to the feeling that you’re in a dining area that sprang up suddenly, instead of one that’s part of a grand plan. People always cherish these types of spaces and think of them as signaling beautiful grounds and homes. Eating outside is a very nice break from having all your meals in the house or at restaurants.

Spruce up Your Porch the Simple Way

A few dollars and some elbow grease are the only things you need to turn a so-so porch into an outdoor asset. Small accessories like throw pillows go well with freshly painted porches to bring out the real character. Porches offer a bit of protection from the elements and have always been great spots for relaxing. Your porch doesn’t haven’t to follow strict design guidelines. Eclectic touches like knickknacks and comfortable pillows are inviting and warm. Decorating never has to be done in one day. If you add a piece here and there, you’ll quickly discover that the entire appeal of your porch changes along with your choices. Investing in the best quality throw pillows and seat cushions is sound because they often make the difference between a completed look and an unfinished one.

Grill in Your Backyard Kitchen

Take grilling to the next level by dedicating an outdoor kitchen that comes complete with everything required to make tasty food. A pavilion with its cover protects your utensils from the elements, and graciously arranged outdoor furniture produces the actual dining area. For those individuals who grill all the time, the extra investment in these items pays off big. A dedicated kitchen area means you can enjoy any or all three main meals each day in an ideal outdoor environment. Forget the drudgery of daily indoor living and bask in the fresh sunlight and air. For people or families that like to host parties and get-togethers, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to grill up steaks, chicken, sausage, bratwurst, kabobs, grilled corn, hot dogs, and many other food favorites. For added convenience and usability, you might consider investing in a full outdoor kitchen that features a functioning sink, a storage area for tableware, and refrigerator/freezer to help keep foods that are negatively affected by heat stored at an optimal temperature before and after serving.

Take a Rest

Sophisticated Decks Add Flair
Sophisticated Decks Add Flair

You may feel you deserve a rest after all the designing you’ve been doing. Consider setting up a daybed outdoors so you can sleep or just chill while still enjoying the weather. If buying a new day bed to put in your outdoor area, consider investing in one that has a roof or canopy that can be used to stay out of direct sunlight to avoid uncomfortable sunburns! You’ll also want to be sure that your new daybed has plenty of stylish and fashionable throw pillows for added comfort when you decide to take a break from your activities. These days, outdoor canopies and shelters offer homeowners a way to make their property more enjoyable and provide sanctuary out of direct sunlight and light rain. For a more permanent installation, gazebos make for a great centerpiece in the landscaping and design of your home. Perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying some time alone, a gazebo that’s outfitted with retractable screens allows occupants to enjoy everything wonderful the outside has to offer with less bugs and insects than an open gazebo typically has. Gazebos that are custom built with bench seating and seat cushions for benches assures that there is always enough room for everyone to sit comfortably!

Refresh and Renew in Your Outdoor Pool

There is nothing more refreshing than taking a swim in your outdoor pool in the hot months of the summer! To make your pool deck more accommodating for you, your family, and visitors, you’ll want to be sure that you have plenty of chaise lounges and other seating options available nearby! Particularly in the case when younger children are in the pool area and require supervision for their safety. By investing in durable chaise lounge chairs, seat cushions, and throw pillows you assure that your pool deck always has the amenities that you and your visitors need to fully enjoy this wonderful addition to your home. Individuals who have larger home improvement budgets might decide to add additional water features such as a jacuzzi tub, a grotto, fountains, or a waterfall to their new pool area. A private pool house is always a nice touch that adds charm and functionality. Not only can the pool house be used to store supplies and equipment for the pool area, larger pool houses provide homeowners with an area where guests can change clothes before and after swimming or use the bathroom without having to enter the main house, which is both convenient and functional.

As you can imagine, there are virtually no limits when it comes to creating a magical outdoor space! We hope that one or more of our suggestions sparks your creative energy for your next outdoor project!