Leelbox Q1 Master Android TV Box

Leelbox Android TV Is a Powerhouse

Experience the power of Android TV with Leelbox

Never before have you had so many options when it comes to entertainment. Streaming has revolutionized the music, movie, and game industries. Streaming allows you to access all your favorite titles from huge digital libraries that contain nearly unlimited entertainment offerings. The best way to manage and view this much content is by using the revolutionary Android TV Box. This box is a robust mini-PC that can easily stream any digital content that’s available anywhere on the Internet.

That means you can play games, listen to tone-perfect music, consume the latest educational content, and much, much more. Our TV boxes run the award-winning open source Kodi platform. Kodi is a favorite of TV fans worldwide because the system is highly configurable. Using the built-in control center, you’ll be able to access whatever content you want while tweaking your display and sound until you achieve literal perfection. Click here to check out the newest model now.

Discover World-Class Support

The Leelbox T95M Is Affordable and Highly Enjoyable
The Leelbox T95M Is Affordable and Highly Enjoyable

It’s not enough to have a world-class device at your fingertips. Android TV has many options for setup. It’s important that a real expert configures your TV box and is then around in case additional support is needed! There’s nothing worse than running into a snag that stops you from doing what you want to do. Leelbox is ready to help. If you run into any real issues, a qualified technician is available to login to your device and make the changes for you. That’s one of the major advantages of having an internet-capable device.

Configuring Your HTPC Is Simple

Configuration changes can be performed quickly by experienced professionals. You don’t have to be some computer genius to use your TV! From your standpoint, your Leelbox T95M Wifi Android TV Box with Pre-Installed Kodi TV box will operate like any other device you’ve used. The difference is the amount of entertainment at your fingertips. Your system is completely configurable. If you want to make changes, you can use the customizable GUI that is incredibly intuitive to get your box just how you love it. You’re never on your own when it comes to your Android TV. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Cutting Edge Features

Learn why Leelbox is an unparalleled Home Theatre experience. Their sleek unit has been pre-configured to bring you the latest options. All you have to do is plug it in. The beauty of the Android-based TV is that it does much more than stream content only. It also provides you with access to thousands of the world’s leading apps. These apps allow you to unleash the power that was unheard of even a few short years ago.

  • There’s no hassle setting up your Leelbox Android TV. Just plug it in and play. The unit’s configuration achieves perfection before shipping.
  • Immediately access Netflix, Hulu, Skype, and thousands of other apps that are available from Google Play. You can get access to all of your major social network accounts like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter with no problem. Our fully configured Android-powered HTPC allows access to SoundCloud, Airplay, Pandora, and Miracast.
  • Leelbox’s Android HTPC brings the future to you now. Find out how the device can change your entertainment consumption forever.

The Leelbox Advantage

Leelbox engineers worked on our Android HTPC until they achieved literal perfection. Now we’re ready to unveil streaming at a speed of light to the world.

Our unit delivers visually stunning playback, crisp sound, and lightning fast performance. The Kodi Media Center allows for a quick on-the-fly configuration that is entirely intuitive. If you can send email, you can set your Leelbox HTPC just the way you like it.

Why our TVs are the Best

Leelbox configures their Android Home Theater PCs every step of the way by Kodi specialists who have taken all the guesswork out of setting up a remarkable media center. Their support strives to be the best around. Give them a try and you’ll see that their knowledge of Android TVs is second to none. They don’t abandon you after the sale. They’re here to help every step of the way. For the most part, you’ll never need to contact support because their HTPCs are reliable in production. Contact support to have them quickly and confidently handle your issue. Sleep safe knowing you made the right choice when you selected Leelbox.

Upgrades are no Problem

The Kodi Media Center and Android O/S are open source and have support from large developer communities. Your box can be updated quickly with new features and enhancements. Our knowledgeable staff can aid you in the process if you ever run into a snag. You’ll never be stuck with an outdated device. If you’ve ever bought an expensive piece of technology just for it to become obsolete almost instantly, you know how frustrating this can be. That will never happen with your Leelbox Home Theater. You’ll stay ahead of the curve with the newest features, instead of running to catch up with everyone else.

Unlimited TV Streaming from Around the World

Leelbox Q1 Master Android TV Box
Leelbox Q1 Master Android TV Box

There’s no limit to some TV shows you can stream from around the world. Load a free app and you’ll be able to watch all your favorite sporting events and TV shows while they happen. Find out why so many others have cut their cable bills. Networks have released apps for many of the best channels. They have interactive menus and additional features. Most offer a watch list that keeps a history of which episodes you’ve already watched. This much freedom comes in handy when you watch many shows on a network. Each app may contain extra options to enhance your viewing. You can add or remove any apps with a click. The power is in your hands and always will be with Leelbox on your side.

Watch Your Favorite Shows

Apps like the World TV Streamer are also favorite. They aggregate TV networks from around the world, allowing you to see the world’s most famous TV shows, including major world sporting events. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Why not spice up your entertainment options with so much content you could never watch all of it? You’ll never miss out on any relevant programming again. The same holds true for games, music, and apps. There’s so much of all these available that no one can try it all in one lifetime.

Discover A Multitude Of Options

When selecting a Leelbox Home Theater Android PC, you can be confident that you have more viewing and sound options than anyone. Apps extend the functionality and features of your base unit. With apps running on powerful fit-for-purpose hardware, you’ll experience optimized sound and music that’s bound to blow you away. See films in the most amazing way possible. Hear sounds that will please the world’s most sophisticated audiophiles. Play games that never freeze or flicker. Run apps that unleash a wave of extraordinary value. With a Leelbox Android HTPC, you’ll never have to be roadkill on the information superhighway again. Stay ahead of the latest trends and impress your family and friends with a bleeding edge device that always delivers amazing performance.

Android is the Answer

A high-powered Leelbox Android Home Theater PC loaded with Kodi Media Center is the solution to all your entertainment problems. You’ll never run out of content, and your device will not become outdated. There’s never a moment spent worrying about support. Your device is fully compatible with a committed, energetic staff who want your happiness. Leelbox relies on positive word of mouth and content clients to grow. If you have any questions about how our devices can improve your TV, gaming, and music experience, let them know. They’re happy to help you understand all the benefits of Android and Kodi.






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