Mr Coffee DRX5 Is Programmed to Help People Wake Up!

Mr Coffee DRX5 Is Programmed to Help People Wake Up!

The Mr Coffee DRX5 is a thoughtful gift for anyone who has to get up early.

Most people want to start their day with a perfect cup of coffee. That goal is now easily within reach!

Please Read Our Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review And Decide If This Budget-Friendly Coffee Maker Will Work For You

We’ve looked at a few high-end coffee makers lately, but what about a low-cost alternative? We take a look at the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemakers because it’s a stalwart in the coffee maker arena. Can this unit stand up to our high standards? We set out to find out.

The Mr Coffee DRX5 Makes an Excellent Gift
The Mr Coffee DRX5 Makes an Excellent Gift


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Who Is The Perfect Recipient For This Product?

The Mr. Coffee DRX5 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is for budget-conscious coffee lovers. The unit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their morning coffee fix but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for a coffee maker will choose this option. This maker makes 4 cups of coffee, so it’s not for the large family. For people who consume fewer cups of coffee, this option works out well. If you don’t consider yourself a huge coffee drinker, but you like a few morning cups, you’ll love the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemakers.


One of my personal favorite features is you can pause and grab a cup before the whole pot finishes brewing. That’s ingenious! This coffee maker is also programmable.

You’re able to set it up the night before and wake up to a freshly brewed ‘pot of Joe.’ That’s always a great feeling. You have enough to do in the morning. It’s like your ‘past self‘ thought of your ‘future self‘ and helped you out!

So how does the Java taste? I used some of my favorite gourmet coffee, and it came out so delicious! I had no complaints. That’s fantastic considering I use high-end coffee makers at all times.


Brews only a total of 20 ounces. Each ‘cup’ ends up being around 4 ounces. For heavier coffee drinkers, this could be an issue. The construction of the Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffeemaker is low-end. It’s not and expensive coffee maker, which you can tell just by looking at it.


Coffee makers are always excellent gifts. Most people form a bond with their morning coffee which is unshakeable.

The price range for this device is very affordable; you can give it to anyone. You won’t break the bank giving out the Mr Coffee DRX5.

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