Surprise Them with a Magnelex Magnetic Handyman Wristband

If you or someone you love is a Handyman that can’t stay off ladders, or away from Power Tools, the Magnelex Magnetic Wristband is a ‘must have’ for working more efficiently. This Wristband uses heavy-duty magnets, so it’s an ideal way to keep track of small building materials like nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

Magnelex Magnetic Wristband

One of the last things anyone wants to do when they’re doing work on a ladder is fumble around to find these small, but crucial small parts. It empowers the individual using it to work hands-free. It is an essential time saver for people who do carpentry, woodworking, construction work, home improvement projects, and even auto repairs!

With a lightweight design, this Wristband is adjustable, ergonomically correct and one size fits most people. It features nine (9) strong magnets to maximize the number of small parts it holds.

Who Is This For? 

The Magnelex Wristband is a great gift for anyone who enjoys doing projects that involve using small metal building materials. Instead of fumbling around searching for the nails, screws or other small parts, it allows you to keep everything that’s needed to complete the project. It’s perfect as a housewarming gift, Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, as a birthday present, or given ‘just because.’

Construction Companies and Project Managers will also find that equipping their construction crews with these handy Magnetic Wristbands increases efficiency in finishing jobs, makes working on ladders and other tight spaces easier and safer.

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