Dealing with Leaves Has Never Been Easier

Toro 51609 Eliminates Leaves Quickly

The Toro 51609 Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac is one more thing to love about the autumn.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love the fall colors, the cooler days and the longer nights. One thing I don’t care for too much is cleaning up the leaves from the three large maple trees on my property. It seems as if the leaves fall and blow around forever! I’m sure that my neighbor would agree. If you know somebody, who has a lawn that’s run over by way too man leaves, consider giving them the Toro 51609 as a gift.

The Toro 51609 Solves a Major Problem

Price Range:




The Toro 51609 Leaf Vacuum Is Easy to Carry
The Toro 51609 Leaf Vacuum Is Easy to Carry

Who The Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum Is For

The Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum is for anyone that doesn’t have seven kids or the time and energy to rake their yard in the windy months of September and October when leaves are falling. There’s no reason to underestimate what a huge job picking up all the leaves can be, especially if you have a large yard. The Toro 51609 is lightweight, making it easy to carry. You won’t have any problems getting to every last leaf around your yard.

Give the Toro Leaf Blower to Friends and Relatives

This item is a beautiful gift for anyone who you want to encourage to put some work into their outdoor area.

The price point is affordable, meaning you can give the Ultra as a gift to most people.

Notable Features Of The Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Since this operates using electricity, you won’t get ‘fogged‘ out with gas fumes, making it better for the environment. Not only this blower good for the environment, but it’s also quiet and has air speeds of up to 235 miles per hour – much higher than even the strongest Nor’Easter!

With the ability to choose a variety of speeds between 112 and 235 MPH, so you always have the right velocity for the job.

The Toro 51609 Ultra can be used to either blow leaves in a pile or used as a vacuum and shredded. If you want to create a big leaf pile for the kids or curbside leaf removal, use the blower feature.  The vacuum feature used with the metal impeller allows you to shred the leaves into mulch. An included vac bag makes leaf collection and disposal easy.


Another great benefit of the Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum is that weighs just 7.5 pounds, so when you’re working with it – and afterward – your back doesn’t kill you. Always a great benefit! Depending on the workload, this can relieve a lot of undue stress. Cleaning up yards is hard enough work already, there’s no good reason to make it even more difficult.

My Thoughts

The price for the Ultra is right; it comes with a full two-year warranty, and it makes keeping your lawn neat and tidy in the autumn a breeze – no pun intended! I would say that if these concerns are important to you, the Toro 51609 Ultra Electric Blower/Vacuum is the tool for you, hands down.





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