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Waring Meat Slicer Helps People Slice Meat Effortlessly

Our Waring Meat Slicer Review Determines This Heavy Duty Unit Is For Pros

If you slice a lot of food, especially meats, and cheeses, you need a heavy duty slicer.  The pros have them, or they couldn’t sell their products successfully.  But what about those of us who have the needs of a pro for our at-home food preparation?  Enter the Waring FS1500 10-Inch Professional Food Slicer.



Price Range:


Who Are The Perfect Recipients For This Product?

A Waring Meat Slicer Makes Food Prep Easy
A Waring Meat Slicer Makes Food Prep Easy

People who take food preparation seriously!  The price tag is enough to keep those away who aren’t ready to commit to a serious piece of equipment.  But for those of us who want to slice meats and cheeses like there’s no tomorrow, this unit was designed for our needs!


Home food slicers are not right for heavy use.  You should only use them occasionally. But what if you run a catering business as a sideline? What if you just love throwing big parties or have a huge family?

Then you need a reliable, professionally manufactured food slicer.  That’s where the Waring FS1500 10-Inch Professional Food Slicer comes into the picture.  This slicer is made to last and is perfect for heavy use.

At 30 pounds, the Waring Meat Slicer is a big, bad slicer that can stand up to the test of time and use.  Consider these added features and benefits:

  • The slicer has a superior die-cast aluminum construction that uses nonslip feet for stable operation.  The last thing you want is a food slicer that ‘moves around’ on your counter.
  • The motor is no joke.  It’s a heavy-duty 300 peak input watts motor that does the job.
  • You can slice thin since the blade adjusts for 0 to 0.95-inch slices!
  • Your choice of sizes because the Waring Pro Professional Food Slicer comes in either 8.5-Inch and 10-Inch configuration.
  • You’ll also get a blade sharpener and a product manual with your purchase.
The Waring meat slicer is a great gift item for the serious food aficionado in your life.  This slicer should last for years and bring great joy to anyone who uses it. I know I’ll cherish mine!  


The main drawback is that this may be overkill for anyone who needs casual ‘food slicing‘ capabilities.  If you don’t use it a lot, the Waring FS1500 10-Inch Professional Food Slicer is probably not worth the extra cost.

As a gift, the price range of the Waring meat slicker precludes giving it to all but the best friends and family. For those people, it could be a true heaven-sent item!

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